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    If you guys ever have trouble with a tire, no matter if it's the OEM or a replacement tire, if you call the tire manufacturers customer service and explain your situation they will more than likely help you out. There is no "factory road hazzard" but in most cases they will give you what's called a "goodwill credit". They are nice people. Please be nice to them. Michelin, pirelli, yokohama, continental, ect. Only two manufacturers that don't like to help people are Bridgestone and Nitto. Not saying they won't but it's unlikely.
    Possible conditions that exist are as follows.
    Road hazzard damage, premature wear (even if there is no mileage warranty), strange wear patterns that are not caused by suspension or alignment problems.

    You have to make sure you rotate the tires every 5k miles. They will ask for maintenance records. And if its a strange wear pattern must prove alignment was good.

    There are manufacturer warranties as well such as, material defects, non-uniformity, ride complaint, radial pull, and of course tread seporation or other defects. Do not abuse it, but like I said they are there to help you out because they want your business. I hope this helps you guys.
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