Tribute to Tom Hoover, Father of the Hemi

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    Carroll Shelby heard the Tom Hoover was coming to join him in heaven. He drove his little old 289 Mustang down to the pearly gates to meet him. Carroll had been given the Mustang as a tribute to his life's work on earth after his passing several years ago. Upon arrival at the pearly gates Carroll saw a gorgeous '70 HemiCuda parked there next to the gate. The paint was flawless. The shaker intake snorted large out of the hood. The stance looked like it was ready to pounce. It was incredible! But Carroll was a little envious. Upon finding St. Peter in his office, Carroll complained, "I don't want to seem petty (no pun intended) but..., I know Tom made great contributions to the automotive world but so did I. Why does Tom get this amazing HemiCuda and I only got this little old 289 Mustang?" To which St. Peter replied, "Oh, that's not Tom's car. That one belongs to God!"

    RIP Tom Hoover.
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