U Connect, Data Radio Air Interface Compatibility :(

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Electronics' started by TallCool1, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Appears the cellular data radio in Hellcats only supports 3G / EVDO.

    Regardless, 1XRTT is a dinosaur; EVDO is almost same. (If the radio supports EVDO it can downgrade to 1xrtt, of the serving carrier even offers it anymore.)

    Anyone know what cellular radio air interface protocols U Connects radio supports? Any chance LTE?

    Most US carriers are reallocating spectrum to current gen air interface protocols (e.g. LTE.) And as fast as they can (based on subscriber device take rates .) I know this for a fact I run E&O for a large telecom at the regional level (in industry 30 years in all facets engineering, operations R&D; specialty RF air interface...) The days of EVDO are very limited in numbers, not because of the technology itself, because spectrum is valuable LTE and similar are more efficient (more subs / more payload capability.)

    If Hellcat cellular radios only support 3G / EVDO, that = slow death. Beginning with perceived reduction in UConnect connection, then UConnect app slowness (because of diminishing carrier allocation / loading etc etc.)

    (And why are the performance pages limited by cellular radio access does that mean no subscription no performance pages that would suck?.?.?)

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