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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Stopped by and spoke to my rep Dennis ....here is what he has available.....
    Challenger HC Ivory white ext, black and red inter, sunroof, black hood M6 at invoice. $66500.00 plus 74.50 admin fee
    Challenger HC, Bright white ext, black and red interior, A8 at invoice $66900.00 plus admin fee
    Challenger B5 Blue (in transit) all black leather int, A8,sunroof at invoice also plus admin fee $68500.00
    Charger HC one pitch black, black leather interior, and one bright white black leather interior, both at invoice plus admin $68610.00
    Charger HC in transit, ivory white, black and sepia interior......also at invoice plus admin $ 69200.00

    Dennis is very knowledgable about these cars....he can also do a majority of paperwork via phone text and email. his cell number is 660-460-0008 and his direct email is dwike865@yahoo.com

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