Vargo Dragway 11-7-2015

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    IMG_1703.JPG vargo_flyer_lorez.jpg

    I was there this year with my HC Charger. I had a lot of attention with the car since they are not well represented as of yet.

    But during the day, I was told there was a White HC Charger there. I wish I could have met with that person
    to share some time and stories.
    Was it someone who comes online here? Let me know, maybe we can get together when the weather gets nicer.

    vargo_flyer_lorez.jpg vargo-2008-1000.jpg At Vargo 2.jpg

    There was a lot of Mopar's there, both early and late models.
    The picture from a drone was from previous year. My charger had the poster by Owen, but had to stick it
    on the windshield this time.

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