who has Harry's lap timer and what hardware are you using? Poll, do we need a thread for this?

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Racing Forum' started by carcass, Apr 24, 2016.


Who would like a data/video acquisition forum/sticky thread?

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. whats that?

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    I did a search on here for Harry's lap timer and found a couple posts in some threads, but didn't find any dedicated data acquisition threads.
    If they are here please point me in the right direction.
    Who has Harry's lap timer and what hardware are you using?
    which OBD port data collector? and why?
    does anybody also use an external GPS device?
    How do you link to your Iphone and are you using a gopro as well?
    That's four devices to think about,
    GPS device
    OBD port scan tool
    GoPro camera
    How do you use the phone, can you control the gopro from the phone with the wifi gopro app and still collect data with Bluetooth from the OBD scan tool for telemetry?
    a good forum or sticky thread could be made just for video and data acquisition maybe?

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