Who is using Mickey Thompson Street Comps?

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Wheels and Tires' started by HCone, Jan 9, 2016.

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    upper center middle of no where
    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    I just ordered a new set of replica rims 20x9X20 for front and 20X10X18 for rear

    I am thinking I will go with Mickey Thompson Street comps, 275-40 on front and 305- 35 for rear

    For those of you using them, how are they for traction and rain use.

    I had M/T drag radials on and got caught in the rain one day, and damn near had a head on with them.
    I may as well have been on ice.
    I never drive in the rain and realize the DR's are for dry only, but weather here can change quick and storms can roll in unforecasted.

    So I think I may try the Street Comps depending on feedback, I will keep my stock rims with P zeros and tuck them away for now.

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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Unfortunately I can't offer any actual experience with the street Comps whereas I don't have the car yet, actually according to SRT it's actually being today!:) ---- however, I can offer some feedback from folks who have swapped out their P zero summer tires in favor of them and the reviews consistently validate them as a better tire in terms of traction and quietness and equally as good in rain. As far as looks go; well IMO they are totally outstanding!!!
    I can also add I found nothing but positive feedback with just about everybody ---------- and that's based on many hours checking out reviews.
    I decided to go with 275-40-20 for the backs whereas they are very close to the stock diameter and are almost a full inch wider than P Zero Nero's which will give the car a slightly beefier look. I also decided to retain the P Zero Nero's for the front whereas I do NOT want a summer tire in the front because it picks up too many small rocks flinging them for quite a distance on the paint.
    I'm sure you know that Street Comps are NOT drag radials, so not the way to go at the track for maximum capability; however, for the street they will provide better traction than most any summer tire.

    Good luck !

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