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  • Adam119 ·
    Hey man I saw in your posts you did an exhaust swap of the 4 vibrants for mids and rears.. I have the same thing and I only had it for two weeks so not sure if it needs to break in more but I want more sound at low rpm.. did the mfer mod make a big difference? Would it help increase sound at low rpm? Trying to think how to increase sound level and keep vibrants because i like how deep it is.

    Thanks man
    Beast707 · ·
    Well mine have been on for about 1-2 weeks so definitely will get deeper but she is Roudy for sure. Mfer made a good difference because they're always open. I have the M6 so it's louder then the A8. I can be in 3rd gear at 1500rpm and she is rumbling dead and loud. I really like it. Sounds mean. Only other option would be Catless mids and that would be over the top for me.
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