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  • King67 ·
    Thank you for the advice it will be taken seriously. Do you ever find a need for the launch control? If I try launching it on the street no TC with stock summers all it ever netted me was wheel spin. If I launched it Low rpm , slight bog then wheel spin as power comes in later in gear, If launched higher rpm wheel spin well you know poof up in smoke. Are the mt 305s ok for street use aired up a bit?
    King67 · ·
    I also try not to ride the clutch ,Like you said more of a dump , F***ing tricky for sure. Do you try to load the drivetrain a little kinda foot brake and gas deal ? Any response is appreciated gettin excited about getting her out,I Iam getting better with your help I will get closer!!! Thanks
    King67 ·
    Our cars have a bulls eye on there back and seem to be the bench mark to beat for a few . Was also wondering how your time slips compared to the on board time? Also forgot to mention my best times on the street are in the default mode remember i still have the stock summers on it.
    King67 ·
    I enjoy your videos to say the least. Would I be out of line asking what mode you use or Traction control full off? I am Getting ready to pull the Hellcat out of storage and adding the MT 305s because I need to practice with those tires. Because the best I could run in the on board computer was a 4.0 and a 11.8 on the street with the summer tires .
    IvoryCat · ·
    The onboard timers are pretty accurate. When drag racing I keep everything in street mode for better weight transfer. Turn TC fully off. Drop your psi to 18 and do a powerbrake burnout. Launch in 1st at 3500rpm and get you some kills buddy. Make us M6's proud
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