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  • PNSHR1 ·
    Good Evening: LaserDoc

    I was looking to renew my Gold Member Status, but I can’t seem to find the upgrade link within my profile/account page. Has something changed since the website update? Let me know. Thanks.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Donald L. Baral III
    16GoManGoHC ·
    Question, can you adjust my screen name just a hair? It’s the same just one letter capitalized
    Change to


    Can this be done???
    Hey what's up? I'm headed to New Orleans this weekend for the 1/2 mile race. It seems you are knowledgable in this type of run. I've got 2 choices for my tire setup. I have Niito 555 G2's on it now on all four corners. 295/45/18's. Of course traction is at a minimum with these even though they are great for street driving. I have a new set of 315/50/17 MT street R's mounted up for the rear also. Advise please. Thanks
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