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  • ethegzz ·
    Mike sup i have that valve issue and i deleted my mids..but the dealer wont fix it. You know where i can get it fixed?
    Marooniac ·
    Hey Mike, I am curious about the FR style 70's, is there any detectable difference in the finish? Thanks in advance buddy!
    tzoid9 ·
    Mike....please read this group of messages from the bottom up....1, 2, 3, 4. The system doesn't like my long message!
    tzoid9 ·
    4) Just wondering if the increased volume of air which, could be minimal (I have no idea) would cause a code to pop up because of an A/F ratio change which the computer didn't like. Anyway, simple question, hope I haven't bothered ya! Thanks, Rob
    tzoid9 ·
    3) Anyway, car's in the garage asleep, car cover on it and I get this urge to buy something for it, so I'm back on the BWoody kick. My question....was your car pure stock (I call it unmolested!) when you installed the BWoody and did it throw any codes afterwards?
    tzoid9 ·
    2) Coming from a C7 Z06 M7 car, this M6 H/C is a dream to shift. I'm not a track type person, maybe an occasional little playing on the street, but that's even rare...very few challenges against the beast! I'm in that winter shut down mode as I'd guess you are.d in Warrington, PA back in the early '70's and the winters weren't quite as bad as Pittsburgh, but you guys can still get hammered!
    tzoid9 ·
    1) Mike....Merry Christmas to you and I'm back to being a PIA with a question for ya! I'm going to have to separate this message, too long! (see the numbers) I did ask on one of the postings about the Barton shifter and you responded in such a way (Thank You!) that I'm not going to make that upgrade.
    tzoid9 ·
    My question you might help with (you're minimal BS!)....regarding the BWoody CAI, what's this dry charger filter wrap and filter cleaning & oil kit all about? I've had CAI's in the past and all were dry filter units except for the Viper was oiled and kind of a PIA to deal with. What's your take on these two extra items? Thanks in advance Mike......Rob
    GatoBlanco ·
    Hi Mike02z,

    I had a question regarding your comment about mounting 305s on a 9.5" wheel earlier this morning. What would be the problem? I'm guessing the wheel would shift from heat at higher speeds? Thanks for your help in advance, I'm looking at getting 305s in the rear asap. I will look for 10.5" wheels as well.

    Mike02z · ·
    Tony, a 305 tire should be mounted to a 10.5-11 inch wide wheel. That is the official recommendation by Tire Rack and the tire manufacturer.

    When you mount a 305 to a 9.5 inch wide wheel, the tire width exceeds the wheel width. Most shops won't install a 305 on a 9.5 inch wheel as it is not safe. People have been doing it for years with no problems but it's not advised and I would not risk it.
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