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  • r.bonino ·
    Frankly I don’t care what you think and you are still an ignorant fool. You should keep you opinion to yourself and mind your own business. If I want to hear illogical comments I’ll ask my preteen child for opinions. Idiot!
    r.bonino ·
    You should have read the entire thread before you decided to act like an ass. Your comment was illegitimate and pointless. If you don’t take the time to read the whole concern reserve your childish and idiotic comments for the ladies room.
    Radride · ·
    My comment stands. You should have done your research. You should have asked questions. You didn't and you messed up your car and now you want FCA to fix it. If you can sleep at night knowing you're ripping off a company because of your stupidity, then that's good. I guess I have better morals than you. Goodluck
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