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      Dragrcr - do I assume correctly that a regular offset 13/16" box wrench would work fine?

      Like this:
      8 Piece SAE Offset Box Wrench Set Chrome vanadium steel construction - Box End Wrenches -

      Or does it have to be a smaller offset to work?

      No the regular offset box does not work. In fact even that shallow offset box that I have pictured is not ideal. The home made Wrench that I pictured that was made out of a socket works perfectly and it does need that relief in the handle to clear the recess in the frame. I am not certain, but I think if you are careful you may be able to make an open end work. But you will not be square on the head of the bolt so it might slip. Those bolts are not super tight. Maybe 60-75 ft pounds. One of the back bolts it not much of an issue but the other is very awkward as the wrench hits the recess or possibly the spare tire well of the floor pan as you turn the bolt. I am not 100% sure since it has been a few months since I did one. I recommend that you trial fit because if you cannot make this work you are dead in the water.

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