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      While I believe this information to be reasonably accurate, I haven't actually ordered or vetted the information in this thread, proceed with caution.

      I will update as members give more info and feedback.

      Chrysler # 6503598
      Used to hold air splitter in place among other things...
      Also some locations inside front fender well

      8mm hole, 20mm head, 25mm length(?) Chrysler Push Type Retainers Clips (Chrysler # 6503598) - Package of 20: Automotive (Mopar) GOOACC Nylon Bumper Fastener Rivet Clips Automotive Furniture Assembly Expansion Screws Kit Auto Body Clips 8mm - 40PCS: Automotive (3rd Party aftermarket) Chrysler Jeep Dodge Automotive Push Pin Rivet Mopar OEM: Automotive (HORRIBLY overpriced - EACH!)

      (Reference) Oil Change Push Pin / rivet
      Chrysler # 6506132 Chrysler side Radiator Shield Push-Type Retainer (Chrysler # 6506132-AA) - Package of 24: Automotive (pkg of 24)

      20 Side Radiator Shield Retainer 6506132-AA Fit Chrysler Sebring Stratus 20x17mm | eBay (ebay)

      Other references:
      Larger bolt to hold on lower, rear shield under engine during oil change
      Under-Body Shield Screw - Mopar (6508332AA)

      Still looking for p/n for smaller bolt?
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      Challenger SRT Hellcat
      12,306 Posts
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