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      I've had this one for about 2yrs after my old one (different brand) finally lost too many of the digital hashes in its display to figure out what the code was. Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD ll Scan Tool with Mode 6: Automotive
      This is what I'd call a middle of the road scanner, but it has the features most would ever need.
      Ok, ordered it, and it finally got here, I hooked it up and it was giving me the p1217 and p121b codes...

      I used the Autel OBDII Scanner and cleared the codes...

      I turned my car on and off several times so far, and the MIL has not come back on, (again, thank you Chimazo!).

      Now the question I have is, how long, or how many times can I start the car before those come back on?

      Also on the scanner, it is telling me the p1217 code is for a fuel solenoid, not driver side exhaust actuator.

      The p121b code tells me to refer to the owners manual.

      Idk, I'm just happy I can remote start the cat again!

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