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  1. Getting ready to swap from 2.85 to 2.79

    SRT Hellcat Performance
    Yep right after I got my pulley and sent Barth my info they weren't together anymore! Crazy how quickly things change. The blower was toast and went to Jokerz where it was rebuilt.
  2. Did your new Hellcat come with full tank of fuel?

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I believe window sticker says a certain number or gallons from factory, my car came with 9 miles on it, it was a dealer trade.
  3. Want a 2nd Red key fob...

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Buy one off ebay:!44041!US!-1
  4. Buying out of state

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    You can do it either way if the dealer does it either way. One vehicle I bought out of State and I went to my BMV and paid the tax. The second one I bought, I signed a form that allowed the dealer to pay and register on my behalf.
  5. Want a 2nd Red key fob...

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Let me know how you get your second key programmed post tune. I lost a key and want another but i'm worried about screwing my tune.
  6. Vehicle undercoating

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Look for a detailer that sprays industrial coatings. IGL Eclipse is an example, it dries clear, seals the substrate to prevent rust.
  7. Drive Shaft Upgrade

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    If you're not modding for more power and have a factory or aftermarket warranty don't touch it. If it breaks get it fixed. You change that thing out you open yourself up to unwanted assache.
  8. Dodge Challenger Hellcat for Rent in Miami

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I believe this is more common than most think. This used to be the case for the SRT models, no test drives until at least financing was approved.
  9. Rupes Orbitals: Fix ? Or Replace with New Other Brands ?

    SRT Hellcat Detailing
    Nothing will be smoother or as smooth as a Rupes. Fix it or buy a newer model, I have had mine for 4 or 5 years with no issues. but i've heard some have issues rather quickly, maybe since you aren't a frequent user you fell in that category.
  10. Getting ready to swap from 2.85 to 2.79

    SRT Hellcat Performance
    no dyno results, i did see a small bump in boost, logs were still good after sending to Tim. Bearing noise came up so the blower came off and went to get rebuilt. A griptech was put in it's place.
  11. Demon #2371 - Totalled

    Dodge Demon General Discussion
    Splitter was saved! Off to Cleveland Power and Performance.
  12. Ceramic Pro Coating?

    Dodge Challenger SRT 392
    Ceramic Pro is a name in the game, Their marketing is absolutely incredible. They charge their installers and insane amount for the coating and buy it for pennies. If you'd like to see a great head to head test, watch this: You can find many other ceramic coatings available, you just may not...
  13. extended warranty worth it?

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    My Jeep had issues with it's rear strut assembly, that was covered by Max Care, I've also had 2 wheel bearings done on it, heated seat stopped working and issue with head unit. All covered by extended warranty. I paid 4500 for it Pretty close to breaking even at this point and still have 60k...
  14. Upgrading mileage for max care extended warranty

    Dodge Challenger SRT Redeye
    so, it's cheaper to buy the warranty if you are under 12k miles or 1 year, after that, they charge more for the warranty. So you can have 20k on it and still get the max care, it just costs more. You may be able to request a refund for what you paid and purchase a new warranty. Definitely...
  15. Is this bearing noise?

    SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    I swapped the pulley back to the 2.85. Before doing so I turned the hub. Sooo, what's this squeak? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  16. Is this bearing noise?

    SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    Been noticing this noise, 34k on it with 12 or so having a 2.85 pulley. Just put a 2.79 on about 2 week's ago, going to swap it back and see if it stops but I'm out of town for 3 more days. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  17. Hellcat Pulley swap

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Contact Tim Barth, get a pump gas killer pulley, injectors, pcm and downpipes, call it a day after that. Unless you have access to E85 ALL the time, then do a 2.72 and injectors for it. If you add a pulley and don't tune you'll probably just blow the motor.
  18. Diablo tuned Hellcat misfire need help!!!!

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I'm hoping you will be updating this!
  19. Going e85 plus more finally

    SRT Hellcat Builds
  20. Going e85 plus more finally

    SRT Hellcat Builds
    Barth sees an average of 30hp with catless pipes on his 2.85. I just wish I had e85 closer to home. I believe many run a BAP with their 1300 injectors. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
1-20 of 432 Results