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Showcase cover image for RT/10 Viper

General Information

Steel Gray
Factory pick up 3/31/00. 123,000 miles and counting


5 pound twin screw Roe SC package. 1.7 H&S high lift roller rockers. 3.45 Unitrax rear end assembly. Fidanza lightweight flywheel
5/3/1 Tri-Y Belanger headers and 3" exhaust.


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Challenger SRT Hellcat
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I like the old body style more than the yellow one, it screams corvette to me for some reason.
I almost bought a yellow 2002, but went hellcat instead.

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Having been connected to Viper for over 20 years and knowing many who made the car and engine. We like to think we have the best of both worlds. No doubt the G2 is the classic hourglass Viper with a few more amenities thrown windows. I'm not sure how closely you've followed the car, but most Viper people think the G5 hit the design target very well. Some weren't happy with the engine size, but that's another story. Because of the many who wanted to hearken back to the classic style, the G5 brought more of the hourglass shape back, put the curved G1/2 gull back in, and added some new lines too. I think Viper ended on a good note with the G5. Without Ralph Gilles, it would never have come to pass. It looks nothing like a Corvette to me. One could make the case that Corvette copied some Viper lines over the years. Especially in the hood area. The G3 car is the one that disappointed a little for looks when it came out in 2003. That definitely looked more Corvette to me. The G4 had some minor cosmetic changes, but was essentially the same car with a bigger engine. We also had a 2001 GTS/ACR bumblebee from 06-13. That one had a 5 pound Roe blower too. To each his own though. Now we can play with a Hellcat too!