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  1. New Member Introduction
    Hey. First I am long winded...I blame old age. Second, I found some 1320 owners lurking here. I am looking for a Challenger, though not necessarily a 1320. Just so happens one is near me and the wife likes it...which means it is fast enough and cushy enough. If I do get a 1320, I will be...
  2. For Sale: Wheels and Tires
    Nexen N'FERA SUR4G Drag Spec in 275/40R20 102W. I have 2 of these i am looking to sell. Purchased earlier this year, and they have been stored with wheel covers and in my house since new. These tires have never been mounted. hell, they have hardly been looked at! These came directly from nexen...
  3. SRT Hellcat Performance
    Well... Finally some of that cool Canadian Air and the Cat was was Screaming!. My new PB 10.75 @ 129.06 MPH It was the second pass of the day DA -386 focus was on leaving the line hard... rather than reaction time. The Cat is stock except for 3.09's, DDS CF DS, 305 Mickey's on 10.5 wide replica...
1-3 of 3 Results