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    Curious if anyone that frequents tracks has switched to 3.09 ratio in the rear. Any advantages/disadvantages of doing this setup? I'd love to hear your opinions and also what effect did it have on course racing? I know this topic is not a new one, but I'm more specifically interested in this...
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    So replaced, the Hellcat rear-end with a factory 3.09. Getting these codes: P325C output shaft speed-wheel correlation, P1DB6 speed sensor performance. How do you turn off these codes?
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    I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and get the current version of the 3.09 Diff (68269917AC) or wait on Backorder for the updated model (68269917AD). I read in a thread here that there was some issue of weakness in the AC version and thats why they came out with the updated AD version. I...
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    recently, Mississippi has gotten with the times and we nw have 2 local stores that sell e85!!!!! now it is possible for me to make the change and not have to be inconvenienced trying to make sure I always have enough fuel. so the question I have is which would you choose if it is your first mod...