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  1. SRT Hellcat Builds
    Just sharing this. I do have other posts; however, this is new info and would pertain to anyone having a build done by them. After speaking with Greg Steadman at Pettys Garage today on the phone, I was informed that my motor would blow up if it did as they advertised it would do. This is...
  2. SRT Hellcat Builds
    Seemd, given the number of horror stories I have come across, it might be nice to have a post that new owners could look at when trying to decide on whom to use for modifications. I mean, not all of us can tune or build a motor, thats just fact. Before I got into a bunch of detail, I was curious...
  3. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Ready to do a build on my Hellcat. I want something somewhat reliable with a fairly conservative tune. I know these builds can push 1200whp with general supporting mods on E85. I’m talking standard 93 octane, conservative build with around 1000whp. I’m open to keeping the stock 6.2 but I’ve...
  4. SRT Hellcat Builds
    UPDATE EDIT: Originally I said that my Redeye would be tuned my Dusterhoff tuning. Correction* My tuner is ZHTunes. --------- Hey guys here’s my 2020 Hellcat Redeye.. “GOKU” (Yes the banana is coming off) lol As for the build, the car is currently set up on pump E85 that averages here...
1-4 of 4 Results