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  1. Stock 2016 B5 Blue Challenger A8

    For Sale
    Anyone looking for a fully stock, never modified (other than radio station presets :) ) B5 Blue Hellcat? I have a leased car that has been maintained as if I were going to keep it. The car has the original tires it rolled off the assembly line and they are in good condition. It's never been...
  2. B5 & Plum Crazy Purple Availability

    Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    So everyone says that the B5 and Plum Crazy Purple will be "late availability" for the 2018 model year. I currently have a B5 Scat Pack and wanted to upgrade to one of these colors in 2018 around the summertime. My questions are this... when is "late availability?" and when do ya all think the...
  3. Ghost Effect - B5 Blue Charger With Giant Blue Hellcat Decal

    SRT Hellcat Appearance
    So stick with me here... I know the thought of the giant hellcat decal throws some people off, but I'm looking to get some info and opinion from those who have it, or those who don't mind the look of it. I have a B5 blue charger, and I'm curious about how it looks, because 99% of the pics I...
  4. 5 2016 Hellcats for Invoice Located in Illinois

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Hey all, Was recently at my local dealer to get an oil change, and they still have 5 hellcats, 1 charger and 4 challengers, sitting out front. It was somewhat satisfying, seeing as i tried to buy my hellcat from them last year, but they would not budge on their dealer markup. Now they cant get...
  5. Loving on our Hellcat with CQuartz Finest, Expel, and Tint

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    We have have had our B5 Blue Challenger Hellcat for 4 weeks and already been to three car show events. Jay's detailing of San Antonio got us ready for the San Antonio's Annual Mopar Show held on 10/17 with CQuartz Finest, Xpel clear bra, and tint. Here is how he did it. Highly recommend Jay's...