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  1. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Has anyone found battery acid in the battery tray? My 2020 HCRE would not go into race cooldown mode because of the battery status. Turned out the battery had low CCAs and after the battery was replaced problem was solved. Shortly after the dealer replaced the battery I got to looking and found...
  2. Midwest
    Hey everyone, hope all doing well, With your experience im sure you guys will over come the issue and solve it. I have an issue with my challenger SRT8 "2010" For 5 weeks now dodge workshop service cannot find what is the issue. Im having a problem with my electricity in my car that...
  3. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I have just retired so won't be driving as much. What trickle charger should I buy for my lead acid batteries? Any recommendations would be much appreciated. 1. 2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat 2. 2006 Magnum SRT 8
  4. SRT Hellcat Performance
    Hi, guys. Just wanted to start a thread here for some of the next testing I'll be doing, this time on an Arc-Angel Group 94R battery for the Hellcat. The battery weighs in at 18.6 lbs, a significant weight savings over the OEM battery. Because I'm going to be running a 55 lb coolant...
  5. SRT Hellcat Performance
    Anyone replace the stock battery on the Hellcat with something else? Fullriver, eg., offers specialized batteries, and they are getting more involved in the race scene with this battery: Full Throttle Battery Thoughts? Or is this one of those "a battery is a battery"-deals? I honestly don't...
1-5 of 5 Results