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  1. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    I love how simple and clean black is but the purple is really nice too it’s not a jailbreak so customizability is limited.
  2. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Hi all, I recently purchased a black, red trim, widebody 2019 Challenger Hellcat from Toy Barn in Ohio. The car came with all books and original window sticker, even plastic on the carpet. But nothing was stamped re original owner. I've had the vin decoded and it's a 1 of 1 combo. Given it was...
  3. For Sale
    Hi everyone, Selling my Hellcat and have some Metal Hollow OEM 3" Badges. Steve White has them for 120$ asking 60$ shipped anywhere in continental US
  4. New Member Introduction
    Good Morning, Since back in May of 2014 I have been following the supercharged HEMI from spy-shots to the debut of the Hellcat. Even when the name dispute was going on because Dodge did not have rights to the Hellcat name but Tim knew the guy at Confederate motorcycles and was able to get him...
  5. Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    How does this vehicle look, there's a dealership in my area with one coming in. Just wanted to see if anyone here has any photos of one. Do you like the color combination?
  6. New Member Introduction
    Hey everyone!! John here.... here's my new Hellcat Josie. I cannot be happier with my decision! The Charger Hellcat is a beast and I am so excited to learn and personalize it. Here's what I've done to her so far, which is going to change very fast... I'll start a build thread next. I'm...
  7. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    What's the difference between Satin Vapor color and Matte Black color? In particular, a Satin Vapor fuel door vs Matte Black fuel door? (Other than price? The Satin Vapor door is $300, and the Matte Black door is $100)
  8. Want to Buy
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a phantom black charger hellcat. Yes I have seen the one in the for sale section, and I am still looking. If you are aware of any in good shape with low mileage, please let me know. Thanks!
  9. For Sale
    Good afternoon fellow speed freaks! I have the following OEM, unused Hellcat wheels for sale (see links below). For today only, I am drastically reducing my asking price for these wheels down to $500.00 each plus $40 for ground shipping in the lower 48. One Brass Monkey HC Wheel: For Sale -...
  10. For Sale
    Hey guys (and girls), I have one OEM 20" Hellcat "Hyper Black" wheel for sale. This wheel is new and has never been installed on a vehicle (0 miles). There are no cosmetic issues, and the balance sticker is still in place. I paid $1200 for it earlier this year, and I was asking $999.99 plus...
  11. For Sale
    I am selling one OEM 20x9.5" Hellcat Matte Black color wheel. This wheel is new and has never been installed on a vehicle. There are no cosmetic issues, and the finish is really nice. I received this wheel in error earlier this year and the vendor refused to accept the return. :mad: It was...
  12. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Hey all, Was recently at my local dealer to get an oil change, and they still have 5 hellcats, 1 charger and 4 challengers, sitting out front. It was somewhat satisfying, seeing as i tried to buy my hellcat from them last year, but they would not budge on their dealer markup. Now they cant get...
  13. For Sale
    Sadly, I'm putting my 2015 Challenger Hellcat up for sale. The wife and I are looking to get a bigger house, and not having a car payment would help. Almost 12k miles (lots of highway), M6, Billet Silver Metallic (only 300 Hellcats made in Silver for 2015, compared to almost 1,300 Sublime...
  14. SRT Hellcat Appearance
    Why buy when you can spray for under 10 bucks. Really easy to do and took me about an hour or so to do these 2 emblems. Will do the rest later. Any questions let me know. There's also plenty to research on Google. Turned out great.
  15. Southwest
    Saw a jazz blue or black Hellcat Challenger headed west on I-40 near Vega Texas today about 1:30pm. Anyone from here headed home with their new Hellcat?
1-16 of 16 Results