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  1. Got my BWOODY intake today !!!!!!!

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    So I found out that I am literally 30 minutes from bwoodys shop today. After seeing all these videos on the intake whine I made the decision to purchase one. They literally had it ready and powder coated in a few hours ready to go. The owner was also awesome enough to put it on that evening...
  2. 10% Off BWoody Performance Products through 11/27

    Black Friday week special on Bwoody intakes and products at Speedlogix. Save 10% off through 11/27, prices are already marked in the online store. Great time to save money on an intake for your Challenger, Charger, 300, Magnum or Jeep! Click here to shop all Bwoody products: BWoody Performance...
  3. NEW - BILLET idler pulley @ BWoody

    BWoody Performance
    As most of you may now, our original idler pulley design included a steel bracket. In order to keep up with demand, we have switched to a machined billet bracket. This new design is cutting production time in half! Involves less hardware making installation much easier. Plus they look awesome...
  4. Bwoody First Impressions!

    BWoody Performance
    Hi All, So after a few weeks of communication with Mike at bwoody and trying to get on the same page with Hemituner (getting a phone call or email back wasn't happening)I decided that bwoody would be my builder for my 2016 HC Challenger. Mike was great during the early stages, while planning...
  5. Bwoody,LMI and Stock Intake-Dyno Comparison

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  6. Hellcat Intake Sale / Contest Entry

    BWoody Performance
    Hellcat Intake Sale! Use Code: HC2017 *free shipping & Powdercoat included* At the end of last week we hit our 2,000th intake sold! As an appreciation to our customers, all hellcat intake purchases (made through our website or sales department) during the month of January will be entered into...
  7. 2.4 upper 10% lower e85

    SRT Hellcat Builds
    Hey guys! I'm trying to order some goodies from metco but would like to know if anyone is running the setup I'm interested in before doing so... 2017 Hellcat Charger A8 BWoody intake Cat delete Id1000's E85 2.4 upper pulley 10% lower Car will be dyno tuned on dynojet with HP tuners software on...
  8. Bwoody idler pulley problem

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    Just wondering if any of youhave had this problem. I installed thebwoody idler pulley and it started squeaking. It has now gotten progressively worse and its almost as loud as the intake now! Any ideas on how to make this irritating noise go away?!?!
  9. Big Blue gets over 800whp!!!

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    All my mods are listed in the video description
  10. Sound clips of my Borla Atak and my Bwoody intake

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  11. So, does BWOODY CAI hamper performance slightly?

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    I'm looking to increase my supercharger whine, and in my search the bwoody intake always comes up. However, there doesn't seem to be a consensus on if it actually reduces overall hp/performance (due to heated engine air being sucked in), or if it improves it. I just want to increase the whine...
  12. Just some minor mods (Metco idler pulley/t-bolt clamps/air tube mod

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    Just some small mods
  13. For Sale B Woody Cold Air Intake - NEW Condition

    For Sale
    Hey guys.. I jumped the gun on a new BWoody Cold Air Intake. (Wrinkle Black) It is extremely nice and well built. Easy to install, etc... but too loud for my taste. Some of you guys will absolutely LOVE how loud your blower will sound with this intake installed. My loss is your gain. I...
  14. Bwoody Idler Pulley installed on Big Blue

    BWoody Performance
    Thanks Mike,install was a breeze!!!
  15. NOW AVAILABLE: Challenger Hellcat Fixed Upper Control Arm Set

    BWoody Performance
    Kit Includes both upper control arms for both the driver & passenger side of the vehicle (4 arms total!) ** Sale price $349.99, FREE SHIPPING, ANY COLOR when ordering through the sales department: 443-456-3368 / 443-456-3369) ** These arms are stock length and were made to replace the...