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  1. Dodge Challenger SRT Redeye
    I have a brand new 21 redeye. What in your opinion is the best sounding cold air intake? I am not looking for the BS of performance. I want to get the most whine out of the supercharger. Please let me know your thoughts. I appreciate it
  2. Want to Buy
    Let me know whatcha got for my 2020 WB Hellcat Charger Thanks :)
  3. Want to Buy
    Hi everyone - Per the title, I'm looking for a new or like-new aFe Track Series Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System w/Pro 5R Filter 57-10002R for my 2018 Trackhawk. The aFe CAI needed is specific to the 2018 model year. Will pay prevailing market rate via PayPal or cash if local to Metro...
  4. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I'm thinking about putting a cold air intake on my Hellcat. Believe me when I say, I'm more than aware its not going to give any performance gains. So why? Its what we do! Totally leaving out price I've narrowed it down to these three. I'm also trying not to factor in "looks". Again, I'm...
  5. Legmaker Industries, LLC
    I installed my new LMI following the instructions and a couple videos on Youtube. Luckily the next place I took my Hellcat was my shop that is performing the rest of my mods, about 90mi. away. When they started working on it, they found this! I'm not pointing any fingers as it is just as likely...
  6. For Sale
    Up for sale are a few items from my recently sold 2015 Hellcat Challenger: WeatherTech floor-mats and cargo liner - $200 shipped - SOLD AFE Power Momentum GT cold air intake - $350 shipped - SOLD Hellcat car cover - $200 shipped - SOLD Hellcat A/T sprint booster : $150 - Shipped
  7. SRT Hellcat Performance
    I'm looking to increase my supercharger whine, and in my search the bwoody intake always comes up. However, there doesn't seem to be a consensus on if it actually reduces overall hp/performance (due to heated engine air being sucked in), or if it improves it. I just want to increase the whine...
  8. For Sale
    Hey guys.. I jumped the gun on a new BWoody Cold Air Intake. (Wrinkle Black) It is extremely nice and well built. Easy to install, etc... but too loud for my taste. Some of you guys will absolutely LOVE how loud your blower will sound with this intake installed. My loss is your gain. I...
  9. For Sale
    As new Matte Black finish with water sock and shield. Great sound!! $350 + shipping Paul 330 644 4459.
  10. Speedlogix
    The K&N 69-2550TTK Typhoon air intake system is a free-flowing, mandrel-bent aluminum tube air induction system designed to fit some Dodge Challenger/Charger SRT Hellcat models. The restrictive factory air filter and air intake housing are replaced by the K&N Typhoon air intake which is designed...
1-10 of 10 Results