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  1. My Car Club Official gear and Carnage

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    A BFF of mine took me out to a birthday lunch today and took this pic for me to share. I lost 56lbs so I can fit it now. cereal killer shirt rocks brother!
  2. Windy City Hellcats?

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    Hey folks trying to see about having a club chapter for the chicagoland area. I imagine there are more than a few of us. :) I want to start a list for Chuck. So If interested feel free to PM me with Name, Username, Model/Details, contact details. Was thinking we could plan for SRT days at Road...
  3. Hellcat car club shirt came in

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  4. Car Club Houston Chapter Rising

    Hey Houston and Greater Houston Hellcat Baller owners make sure you apply to our exclusive car club @ Announcing The Official Car Club! | SRT Hellcat Forum Once you sign up get with me so you can apply to be a member and/or officer for our area. Any questions let me or...