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  1. De-badge or not to De-badge

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    1. Is it better to show your cat sign or disguise it. 2. Should you add the "Supercharged" badge and the large Hellcat quarter panel decal as a warning to all who come near? 3. Is it better to be subtle or obnoxiously loud with the exhaust? 4. Keep a low profile or show your pride and display...
  2. North East Challengers - Cruise In

    North Eastern States
    Some of the North East Challenger club got together today. Great bunch of guys & gals everyone had a good time!;) After the show and bunch of us headed north to the Harbor House in Clifton Park where they had a cruise in... lots of cars... but not many Mopars until the NE Challengers showed up...
  3. Mostly street and cruise!

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    How many Cat owners out there plan to drive mostly on the street, cruises and possibly an occasional track event. I am looking for the less than hardcore money spenders that just want to have a badass car without having to prove how fast we are OR how much money we can spend just to brag or...