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  1. Demon 1106 and it's Phat and ready for detailing

    Dodge Demon General Discussion
    Got her home yesterday and put her on the lift where I would store my Hellcat. She doesn't quite fit as i expected. Now I've got a steel shop coming to widen my ramps by 3" each side. Until then she'll be staying on the ground floor and my daughter gets booted out to the driveway. Also, I...
  2. Good wax for Sublime? Zymol?

    SRT Hellcat Detailing
    Looking at going with a Zymol Creame wax designed for light colored cars. Anyone use it yet? Zymol Hand Crafted Waxes - Creame Wax, 8 Ounces: Automotive Or what wax (Cquartz not available around here) do you use on your Sublime car?
  3. ClearPlex windshield film

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Anyone have experience with this product or something like it to protect the windshield from rock chips?