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  1. Ceramic Coated DSRT!

    Dodge Durango SRT
    As I purchased the Durango used, it was in need of some paint care. I don't think the prior owner ever washed it. Fortunately, it wasn't in their possession long enough that some minor professional paint correction couldn't resolve. Combined with ceramic coating and it's better than new! I also...
  2. My Hellcat Build Begins

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Hey everybody. I know I don't post much, but this will be a long (hopefully enjoyable) post. So here we go. So first things first. I got the windows tinted 20% on the front two and 5% on the rest of the windows. I also had the side markers wrapped with vinyl while the windows were being tinted...
  3. Taking pride in your Hellcat

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Spent 3hrs detailing my Hellcat for car show event tomorrow morning. Didn't even use water. Can anyone figure out how I washed my car without using a bucket or garden hose of water? Enjoy