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  1. For Sale
    Selling a spare oem Dodge Challenger srt hellcat (RED KEY) I never used it so it's pretty much brand new . But you'll need a new blank key which is like $10 dollars on ebay This key fob does have remote start on it $60.00 shipped 3% added to all paypal goods and services
  2. SRT Hellcat Purchasing
    What’s up guy’s my name is Alex I’m from Texas and I’m 27 years old, currently employed and attending school for a career so I can buy a Demon and swap out with a Hellephant engine lol jk I am currently saving up to buy my first used Challenger Hellcat(15-19) and I was thinking to save up at...
  3. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    There's a recall on the PCM and the fuel pump. They just changed both of mines at the dealership. I feel a better pull on my hellcat after the fix. Fellow me on IG gorilla.hellcat
  4. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Moparfam, I've seen alot of positive feedback for replacing the stock A8 2.62 rear diff with a 3.70 and a few negative comments. I'd like to start a thread on hellcat A8 3.70 swap, what have you guys experienced?
  5. Dodge Challenger SRT 392
    Hello Mopar Team, I lifted my car only to find out that my rear driver side axle boot is leaking. So my dealership changed the entire axle shaft and guess what? It run good for a while but after a week the grease kept coming up again surrounding the active exhaust knob. I took it to a local...
  6. Dodge Demon General Discussion
    Girlfriend got a job at a big dodge dealership about a week ago so I got her to ask around and found out some things for sure that some may not know. Looking at about 808 HP Not AWD MSRP around $80,000 USD They are not making many. 1 PER DEALERSHIP. First come first serve basis. Employees will...
  7. Dodge Demon General Discussion
    So I'm thinking of getting a Dodge Challenger in the coming year and saw that the demon was coming out. I want to use it as a daily driver but I do love speed and I do go on race tracks as much as I can... Been hoping someone would tell me what the better option is? To stick to the hellcat or go...
1-8 of 9 Results