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  1. Popular Hellcat Parts For Sale. *NICE*

    For Sale
    I recently sold my 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat M6 and returned it to its factory condition beforehand. Therefore, I have my parts for sale if you’re interested. THE BELOW WAS PURCHASED FROM HHP AT ONCE (08/18): ---very low miles--- *Diablo Sport Trinity T2 EX SOLD *Metco 2.86 Upper Pulley...
  2. BMR Suspension - Control & Trailing Arms

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I'm just curious if anyone is running the On Car BMR adjustable rear suspension control & trailing arms and toe links? I did a search and I can only find bits and pieces on them. They look like really high quality components and are sold through HHP. Obviously the ride with rod ends will be a...
  3. New Member to the Forum

    New Member Introduction
    Hey guys & gals, I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself as I have gotten serious about modding my car. I have tracked my car numerous times over the last year with a mostly stock Challenger Hellcat. Only thing really done is muffler delete and slicks. It's a daily driver, so l...
  4. Legal Sites to Perform HC Launches and Zero to Sixty Times

    Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    So, I've trying to find locations where I can legally practice/experiment launching the HC Charger (using different vehicle settings, techniques, etc.) without having to schedule, pay and wait in line at the drag strip. I've been searching for abandoned air strips, old industrial sites, old...
  5. 2015 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    2015 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak $150,000.00 eBay item number: 322854467633 Item specifics: Condition: New Year:2015 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1HGCM82633A004352 Mileage: 0 Number of Cylinders: 8 Make: Dodge Transmission: Automatic Model: Challenger Body Type: Coupe Trim...
  6. Demon breakin period

    Dodge Demon Technical Discussion
    Does anyone know if Dodge has a recommended breakin period for the Demon like the Hellcat? Also, are there any lockouts on any drag racing features like line locks? What about swapping the ECM to run race gas?
  7. First Drag Trip

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Heading to the strip for the first time this week(racing, not spectating). Racing a guy at work who has an 01' Silverado(Turbo, headers,cam). Says he will beat me because I won't be able to put the power to the ground. I have 18x10 Bravado Rims wrapped in MT 305/45/18 ET Street R's. No idea what...
  8. Radials+Rain=????

    SRT Hellcat Wheels and Tires
    Just got my radials yesterday, I would like to put them on tonight and take a trip to the strip tomorrow night. I planned on DD the radials thoughout the summer. Only thing is, there's a 20% chance of rain tomorrow. How bad are radials in the rain? Specifically the Mickey Thompson ET Street...
  9. First Mod Already Going Wrong.

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Waited a week for my Bravado Rims and MT 305/45/18's to get here, only to put one on and realize the OEM lug nut does not fit in the rim. Does anyone know where to get lugs that will fit correctly for the rim? Don't want to buy one and have it fit on the threads only to have the wheel fall off 3...
  10. Drag or Friction at about 90mph

    Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    I own a 2016 Charger Hellcat with roughly 9800 miles on it.. I went to an A&M game this weekend and on the way down ran up to 100mph on a few occasions.On the way home the next day however, when I would get up to about 90+ it felt like I was getting some kind of drag or friction. Once I slowed...
  11. For Sale *SOLD* DSS aluminium driveshaft-BNIB-$700 OBO

    For Sale
    I have a brand new in box aluminium DSS driveshaft with the updated end plate, for sale. It is for an 2015+ A8 Challenger Hellcat. This has never been installed or even out of the box. It was only opened to take the picture for this ad. I am selling this because I have a drag car that gets...
  12. Stock HC 1/4 Mile Performance - What Numbers Did Your Cat Put Down

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I didn't see this posted anywhere but I was curious what your stock HC performance has been with the factory setup right down to the Pirelli PZero tires. I know many have upgraded to DR's and many other mods but I'm just interested in how close everyone ran with the stock set up to the numbers...