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extended warranty

  1. $99 Down and No Payments for 45 Days!

    Chrysler Warranty Direct
    Additionally Price Increase IS Coming September 1st! $99 DOWN And No Payments for 45 days Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve by extending your Manufacturer’s Coverage! Over 5,000 components covered worth our best plan, Maximum Care! Also comes with roadside assistance, key fob...
  2. Extended Warranties At LOW Costs!

    Chrysler Warranty Direct
    Extended Warranty At LOW Costs! 🔥 Learn about our factory-backed extended warranty options here! We have over 350 plans to choose from to fit any budget. The sooner you buy the less you pay! 🔥 Our Maximum Care Plan is our best coverage with over 5,000 components covered, you won't regret having...

    Chrysler Warranty Direct
    🔥Just $100 DOWN gets you started and no payments for 45 days! We're here to help you understand how these extended warranties work with over 350 plans to fit your needs and budget! 💥 Do you Want to give yourself peace of mind and no worries about unexpected breakdowns? 💥 ✅ 0% Financing and no...
  4. Celebrating SAVINGS All Month Long!

    Chrysler Warranty Direct
    Celebrating with SAVINGS all month long! Here at Chrysler Warranty Direct we are offering great deals on our extended warranties, over 350 plans to choose from! Our annual price increase is coming and we want to get you in coverage before that happens. Give yourself the peace of mind you...

    Chrysler Warranty Direct
    💥TODAY & TOMORROW ONLY!!! 💥 Take an additional $50 off any plan paid in full or take advantage of our $100 down payment special with 0% financing! Give yourself peace of mind with bumper-to-bumper extended warranty coverage, our prices are the lowest in the industry! Extend your manufacturer's...
  6. Peace of mind with an extended warranty...

    Chrysler Warranty Direct
    ☀️Summer is almost here and we're happy to keep protecting our customers by extending their manufacturer's warranty at industry lowest costs! ☀️ Unsure what you qualify for? Our knowledgeable staff is here to help, call us at 1-888-352-6103 or email [email protected]! We are able...
  7. Hellcat Extended Warranty Options

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Hello All, Currently I have an extended warranty through Performance First (Allegiance Administration, LLC). It was provided to my via the Dodge dealership I purchased the vehicle from. Is anyone familiar or have experience with them? I was contemplating moving over to a factory backed service...
  8. Used GC SRT CPO Purchase

    Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
    I'm negotiating with a DJC dealer on a CPO 2016 GC with under 10,000 miles. Salesman said it included 7YR/100,000 mi warranty as a CPO. Dealership "closer" says no extended warranty on any srt CPOs ever, just not done! Paperwork says no warranty. Run around?
  9. Great prices on extended Warranty

    Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    I wanted to pass this along. I found a deeply discounted Mopar extended warranty site that I wanted to share incase you're considering purchasing an extended warranty. Chrysler Extended Warranty | Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep extended maintenance plans
  10. Deal is Dead - Group Buy - Chrysler Extended Warranty

    If anyone is contemplating extending their warranty, shoot me a PM. I am looking at extending mine to the 7 yrs / 115 kms bumper to bumper. I have a couple prices but I am pretty confident we could do better with a group buy. John
  11. extended warranty?

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    I just purchased a new 2016 Challenger Hellcat and cant decide if I should purchase the extended warranty. I typically do not on new vehicles but this one is a little different. Any thoughts? Thanks,