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  1. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    So, been going back and forth on whether or not these things risky look good or not. May space my wheels out a bit for added piece of mind, considered these but idk
  2. For Sale
    Brand New sealed in boxes. This is the BEST quality carbon fiber racing parts made by Anderson Composites ($6000 kit) . The kit is to make a true gloss carbon widebody that’s shaped exactly like dodges widebody so it’ll look the same just carbon which is awesome looking and light weight. KIT...
    $4,000 USD
  3. For Sale
    I have brand new, never even unboxed Anderson composites gloss carbon fiber parts. Best of the best carbon fiber for our cars. Molded exactly like OEM. And if you’re looking to do an entire widebody conversion, I have EVERYTHING. I’d rather not ship, but they’re in boxes so still possible just...
1-3 of 4 Results