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  1. Tim Barth Tuning

    SRT Hellcat Builds
    I just wanted to share my experience so far dealing with Mr. Barth and Rhonda while trying to get everything together for my build. I have had a few phone calls so far buying parts and asking questions. Both Tim and Rhonda have been great to deal with. They are helping me get the Fore system...
  2. Parts ordered

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    hello mopals, I just ordered a pile of parts including Whipple charger with bigger TB and larger heat exchanger, 10% ati balancer, kooks headers, and 3.09 diff. I recently had similar upgrades by Hennessy on last car,but it burnt to ground before the oil cooler recall. Hennessy was not a good...
  3. Hellcat Tuning Q&A's with Josh (HHP) and AJ (HEMITUNER)

    SRT Hellcat Performance
    I've been getting a lot of repeat questions lately, some weird questions and some completely absurd ones, so I figured we should clear the air on Hellcat tuning. Our in-house or email tuning package that we use is centered around Diablosport's CMR software. AJ and Myself have worked together on...