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  1. Best Dealership Hellcat Price?

    SRT Hellcat Purchasing
    Hello everyone! New to the forum. I’m in the market to purchase a hellcat charger or challenger, still not sure yet but I was wondering which state or dealership specifically would be the best to buy a used hellcat? I’m thinking of best in terms of down payment, overall price & or deals. From...
  2. Is this 1000hp HC build ?

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    HI: I would like to purchase a 1000hp hellcat. I saw an ad which contain these builds. Can someone driven or known verify this is a real/balanced 1000hp hellcat build ? 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat $20000 in upgrades.1000 hp-Max Demon power. READ THIS!!! Powered by Pioneer Stage 3 Hellcat...
  3. VIDEO: @Woman.Driven's (Doris) Hellcat Challenger Widebody Redeye on Forgestar D5s!
    Check out Woman.Driven's Hellcat Challenger Widebody Redeye build with Forgestar D5 Gloss Black 18x5 Fronts and 17x10 +0 D5 Beadlock Rears! Woman.Driven (Doris) Hellcat...
  4. *NEW* Racestars

    For Sale: Wheels and Tires
    Im selling my racestars that i have sitting in my garage. They are 18x5 fronts and 17x9.5 rears. They are gun metal grey in color and are brand new only opened one rear for a picture. The centercaps havnt even been mounted yet either. I am asking $800 shipped OBO for the entire set. Will not...
  5. WTB OEM Hellcat Slingshot Rims

    For Sale: Wheels and Tires
    I'm looking to buy a set o oem Hellcat Slingshot rims in matte or satin black finish for my scat pack. I'm located in southern california and would either need to ship to me or pick up local.
  6. Dodge Charger hellcat

    General Automotive Discussion
    Hello I have a question I wanna know what could be wrong. Dodge Charger hellcat my girl was driving fine in the freeway, she got off the freeway and called me to tell me come outside the house because the hellcat was making a ugly sound from the rear driver side wheel. It sounded like if...
  7. Dodge Challenger Hellcat fully wrapped on 20" BC Forged HCA 162 wheels

    Wheel Brand: BC Forged Wheel Model: HCA 162 Wheel Size: 20x9.5 Front & 20x11 Rear Wheel Finish: Gloss Black Lip / Gloss Black Exposed Hardware Center Caps: Brushed Black BC Forged Wrap: Dual Tone Avery Chrome Series Full shoot: Dodge Challenger Hellcat BC Forged HCA 162
  8. FIRST DRIVE: The HELLCAT-Powered Ram 1500 Rebel “RebHELL” Returns!

    Dodge Ram TRX
    FIRST DRIVE: The HELLCAT-Powered Ram 1500 Rebel “RebHELL” Returns! Beating Ram's TRX To The Punch...
  9. Hellcat pouring smoke and misfire.

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    My buddy was driving his Hellcat and had it on cruise out of the blue it just stopped running right. He pulled over and was misfiring and pouring white smoke. We pulled the plugs and 1,3,5,7 were all coated in gas. Cylinder 3 plugs were melted also. We changed plugs and coils and it got better...
  10. Hello All!

    New Member Introduction
    Hey there! I'm Nate and I FINALLY got my hands on a challenger Hellcat! I'm in South Texas and looking to see if there are any Hellcat meetup groups in the area! Also, let me know what you all think of our Hellcat! It's all stock, other than the pistol grip shifter and the satin silver vinyl wrap!
  11. Supercharger ihi rebuild vs replacement

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Yep nothing new here don't be harsh on me for this one. Those reports and complaints of sub 2016 hellcats. Prematurely failing bearings, loud idle whine and ticking, recently replaced blower and same problem occurring and same issue again and again and again. Pretty unfortunate for those who...
  12. PA owners

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Hello, my name is Nelson I’m the current owner of blast brothers and we are a shop that specialize in Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, Vinyl Wrap so if you’re looking for some professional work in Pennsylvania give us a check here’s the website On Instagram...
  13. Pirelli P....Zero Traction......

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    running 28 psi on 305s when warm 30 to 32 in cold weather. How can I get good cold weather traction out of these all season slippers?
  14. Sold (FS) hellcat challenger spoiler with hellcat emblem

    For Sale
    Hello Selling excellentccondition oem factory hellcat challenger spoiler with oem hellcat emblems installed. Which I purchased separately and installed onto spoiler myself All necessary hardware for easy installation intact as well as backup camera works perfectly $200.00 plus shipping
  15. Koon's Select Inventory Deal

    Koons of Tysons Corner
    Hey All, Every month, I will be running a special deal on select inventory. I will list out the stock numbers and what the vehicle is. You can view the vehicles off of the website here New Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Vehicles For Sale In Vienna Just click our website, click the search tap and...
  16. 2.40 and 2.65 metco pulleys for sale

    For Sale
    I have two used metco pulleys. One is a 2.40 and the other is a 2.60 $100 shipped for each.
  17. 275s on hellcats what was dodge thinking?

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    why dodge? Why add 275s to a 707 s/c beast? Seems like they didn’t want to spend a little more cash..
  18. Found a 2017 Hellcat

    SRT Hellcat Purchasing
    I currently have a 2017 srt 392 charger which is perfect, has everything i want minus the HK stereo. I just found a 2017 charger HC with everything mine has plus the HK stereo...litterally everything i want! has 4K miles and is along the east coast about 20hrs from where i live. price is about...
  19. Should I trade in 2016 Hellcat just for Wider Tires and a few more Ponies.

    SRT Hellcat Purchasing
    Long Post. This is my current dilemma. Do I trade a PERFECTLY running Challenger Hellcat non-Widebody without a single problem or body issue (like in other some posts) just to get Widebody's fatter tires. Tried to list some informational points but need help : Tires - Not to many tires can...
  20. The White Rocket is Almost Ready for Take Off on our SL-10

    SRT Hellcat Wheels and Tires
    Doesn’t get much more meatier than this! What we’re talking about here is a perfect combination of light weight forged wheels with just the perfect amount of rubber to still grip. These two combinations together are small features that make a world of difference when it comes to enjoying your...