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  1. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Just Released our New HellRaiser 920668 3.17 ODC Pulley, for more information speak to your Distributor or Dealer, do you need a custom tune for that extra 50 RWHP on 93 now? ??????? You can always get even more with a custom tune???????
  2. Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    So I had my run with buying a catback and it ended up not working out so well for me..... Next option I have been leaning towards is going with the JBA catless mid pipes + a tune by HHP. which I would also have them dyno tune the car. So my question is what do y'all think? Go catless and tune or...
  3. SRT Hellcat Builds
    EDITS 1/30/2018: Original title said “Modest” build. Although things started out that way, there is nothing modest about the change in direction that soon followed. :oops: Also 1/30/2018 posted images of fun 900whp performance numbers! :D I took it very easy on this one... other than the...
  4. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Evening guys, I need some help. I just purchased HHP/HEMITUNER 2015-2016 Dodge Hellcat Tuning Package (Includes New PCM) from HHP Performance which I think was highly recommended from this forum. Now that I the unit on order I have some questions. I have attempted to ask these questions from...
  5. For Sale
    Community - 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Plum Crazy Purple with Satin Black Hood. Automatic 8 speed, full black Laguna leather, no sunroof, black wheels. VIN: 2C3CDZC98GH199910 811 MILES ON IT. SOLD You guys may have seen a followed my build thread. Purchased the car in March, started...
1-5 of 5 Results