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  1. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Reaching out to anyone in El Paso I just bought a Diablo Trinity T2 tuner for my car, Finally getting to see some numbers, was wondering if anyone else could relate to my build list in el paso or at similar elevation Were about 3700ft above sea level, I have AFE CAI,180 thermostat, muffler...
  2. Dodge Charger SRT 392
    Best mods? Differentials, driveshaft for torque or hp?
  3. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Going to the track soon, the car is making 880whp. What quarter-mile times have you guys gotten and at how much power?
  4. Dodge Durango SRT
    I got the 2020 Durango SRT.. I’m looking to tune it and get another 100HP out of it, how do i go about doing that.
  5. SRT Hellcat Performance
    Hello everyone! I just recently purchased a 2016 Charger HC with about 22K miles, and one previous owner. The car is running really well, minor hiccups here and there but overall had nothing but great time owning this car for about 3 months now. But I’m to the point where I want more power...
  6. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    I had a dyno today done on a DynoJet dynamometer, with it being 88 degrees outside. 678.6 at 6060 RPM HP 667.09 at 6110 RPM Torque What does this mean for HP at the crank? I have to wonder what this would have been if it were 30 degrees outside? I know driving it in February its a BEAST...
  7. Dodge Charger SRT 392
    Is it possible to hit 700 or more wheel hp on 91 octane on a 392? Going to use a whipple s/c, a Kincaid Killer Chiller, and a Snow Performance water/meth injection with stage 3 controller and possibly an octane booster, like Lucas Oil. And cam, headers, mds delete, 2019 grill scoop and Hellcat...
  8. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Does anyone have any experience using the QA1 driveshaft on the track or street? I am considering using the QA1 along with a Demon 3.09 and DSS 1400 HP rated axles. HHP beadlock rear rims 17”, 305 MT Drag radials. Most likely Drag Star 18” x 5 with front runners up front. Currently behind a...
  9. SRT Hellcat Performance
    Hey, nice to finally introduce myself, been hanging around the forum a long time watching the progression of available mods, and it’s finally reached a point where I had to go buy mine, recently bought an ‘18 Cat in destroyer grey with matte black aluminum hood, first mission has been getting...
  10. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Hi Fellow Enthusiasts, Today I finally was able to dyno the car for the Hellcat I bought in May. Best run was the first of three, 673.9 HP, 611.44 Torque. (see graph for all three runs, each run was worse than the previous I'm guessing due to heat) Only mod is a K&N cold air intake & filter I...
  11. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    So latest is Fastlane out of Houston is building a monster of a hellcat. Less NO2, this thing is supposed to generate on order of 1,300 HP of pavement crushing power and NO2 on top of that. I went to their facebook and saw a glimpse of the project....supposed to be a ground up build from...
  12. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Went for a drive today in Minnesota in my new PCP Cat with only 100 miles on it. (I couldn't resist, it was nice and dry) I kicked it down about 3/4 throttle at 60 mph and the rear tires let loose for several yards until it upshifted! WOW, glad I have wider rear wheels and tires on the way! VERY...
1-12 of 13 Results