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  1. For Sale ID 1050x

    For Sale
    ID 1050x less that 3,000 miles. Went with bigger injectors $700
    $650 USD
  2. For Sale
    I have some slightly used ID1700’s coming off my car at the end of this week. Only reason I am selling them is because I need bigger injectors. They have about 3k miles on them. Send me a message if interested.
    $1,600 USD
  3. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Jus bought id1050x injectors for the kitty and then realized I need to go bigger for the mods I have done already… car hasn’t been started since they were installed so fuel hasn’t went thru the injectors yet. Asking $900
  4. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    $675 shipped Hey i have some Id1050x i’m trying to sell freshly cleaned and flow tested paypal or zelle is fine ready to ship
  5. For Sale
    Hello i have a set of ID1050x that have been freshly cleaned had about 6k miles on them before they were sent out for the refresh by injectorRX looking to get $700 and buyer pays shipping ZELLE PAYPAL AND CASHAPP are accepted ready to ship!
  6. For Sale
    Looking to get rid of these injectors as i went back to stock. They work perfectly. I am asking $750 shipped......for some reason my phone isnt letting me upload pics of them.
  7. For Sale
    I have went back to stock on my 2018 Charger Hellcat and will be selling whats left of my parts. I have: Purple 2.79 Pulley and Hub w/Install and removal tools for stock pulley $200+ shipping ID1050X Injectors around 6k miles $700+ Shipping Diablo T2 EX w/by-pass for 18+ $450+ Shipping...
  8. For Sale
    Im looking to sell my set up I have on my Charger Hellcat. Would like to sell all together and will be off the car today. Ripa 2.79 Pulley with Hub (Purple) ID 1050x Injectors DSS 1 piece Driveshaft Diablo T2 EX LMI CAI if i find a stock SRT intake (add $300 to the price of kit.) Asking $2200...
  9. SRT Hellcat Builds
    Hey everyone, Here's phase 1 of the build: JLT 3.0 catch can JLT CAI SW Catless midpipes Flowmaster FlowFX CatBack 1200cc FIC Tapped performance dual pump kit with external filter Bwoody crank pin kit Bwoody street heat exchanger Brisk plugs 180 stant tstat FAS 2.59" (Coated in non-slip grip)...
  10. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    This may interest someone looking for an upgrade. Craigslist Austin has a Hellcat owner selling a supercharger upgrade with injectors and assorted unused parts. seems like a good deal but I’m leaving mine stock for now until the warrant runs out. I’m new to the Hellcat world. RogerAustinTX...
  11. SRT Hellcat Performance
    Hey guys just joined as I just purchased a Hellcat Challenger. On the SVT forum there was a market tab for parts for sale. Currently in the market for some bigger injectors looking for 1300 cc injectors for my 16 cat preferably injector dynamics. Does anyone have some surplus take off injectors...
  12. Dodge Charger SRT 392
    Loud ticking in my engine, sounds like it’s coming from the fuel rail so I’m thinking injectors? When I put the gas on it gets faster, but also not as loud. I have a Charger SRT 2016 with 35,000kms on it, but unfortunately the SRT model isn’t covered under the regular 5 year/100k powertrain...
  13. For Sale
    Selling the Stock Supercharger Snout from my 2017 Challenger Hellcat. $750. METCO Hub was installed and used with a 3.10" on a 93 Octane Tune done by Curt. Stock Pulley is available and for sale as well. Changed to 3.10" around 1500 miles. $150. Stock Injectors are available and for sale as...
  14. For Sale
    As title says im selling my stock Springs off of my Charger after changing over to Demon Killers. I will also be selling my stock injectors due to just switching to demon injectors. Prices are as follows: Springs: $120 shipped+fees Injectors: $190 shipped+fees Ill have more stock parts forsale...
  15. Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    Hello, I am a long time Mopar fan and am beginning the process of upgrading my 2016 Hellcat Charger with a 2.75 Metco pulley, QTP electric cut off pipes, and a legmaker intake. I had several questions before installing these and trying to find out what else i need to run this properly. 1. Do I...
  16. Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    Big question I need some expert opinions/ answers on. CAN YOU RUN A 2.85 UPPER PULLEY WITH STOCK INJECTORS? Itll just be a 2.85 pulley, Tune and a CAI (JLT) Is it safe? Saw someone say their friend shot a rod through the motor
  17. General Automotive Discussion
    Anyone out there with a set of 1050 injectors they’d like to part with... needing to upgrade and curious if there was anyone that has a set that they can’t use after switching to ethinol fuel...
  18. General Automotive Discussion
    Do you think "German Quality Injectors" more reliableand durable fuel pumps andinjectorsthat can function without the need for replacement for a longer period of time? Why these german made injectors are more demanding?
  19. For Sale
    $800 shipped ****SOLD**** I have a set of id1000's for sale that only have 200 miles on them. swapping to 1300's to go e85. open to offers as well!
1-19 of 19 Results