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  1. Can You Enable Launch Assist?

    SRT Hellcat Electronics
    Curious if anyone has had any success enabling this feature on non-2019 cars. As it stands now, it is a standard feature on 2019 vehicles (Scat, HC, Redeye) as well as the Demon. Keep in mind this is different than standard launch control & slated as an automatically enabled programmed feature...
  2. Legal Sites to Perform HC Launches and Zero to Sixty Times

    Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    So, I've trying to find locations where I can legally practice/experiment launching the HC Charger (using different vehicle settings, techniques, etc.) without having to schedule, pay and wait in line at the drag strip. I've been searching for abandoned air strips, old industrial sites, old...
  3. Stock HC 1/4 Mile Performance - What Numbers Did Your Cat Put Down

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I didn't see this posted anywhere but I was curious what your stock HC performance has been with the factory setup right down to the Pirelli PZero tires. I know many have upgraded to DR's and many other mods but I'm just interested in how close everyone ran with the stock set up to the numbers...
  4. M6 Launch and Burnout Question

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Hey guys how's it going. So my question is for us m6 guys is what rpm and mode is the best for a 1/4 mile run?. Also what mode and gear do you use to burnout that won't mess up the tranny and clutch but give a nice burnout? Do you also hold the tc button till it completely goes off or keep it in...