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  1. Hey everyone, new Colorado Hellcat owner

    New Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, I’ve been a hellcat fan since the challenger came out in 15, but since it was a brand new car I waited to make sure they weren’t going to have big problems with all the power, as well as closely watching this community of enthusiasts pioneer all the modifications I can now put on my...
  2. New hellcat owner in western Colorado looking for recommendations for “local” mechanic to mod

    SRT Hellcat Performance
    Hey, nice to finally introduce myself, been hanging around the forum a long time watching the progression of available mods, and it’s finally reached a point where I had to go buy mine, recently bought an ‘18 Cat in destroyer grey with matte black aluminum hood, first mission has been getting...
  3. Mods inbound - Hellcat Charger, thoughts?

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Ok gang, here's the mods I'm entertaining, thoughts??...most parts arrive in 2 weeks 1.) Upper Metco 2.7" pulley 2.) Lower ATI 10% pulley 3.) ARH 2" primary to 3" collector (ceramic coated internal and external) 4.) ARH full exhaust w/mod'd x-pipe cross over & cat delete 5.) JL Oil...