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  1. (E63 AMG owner) - Hellcat WB Ordered on 3/22 (Connecticut)

    New Member Introduction
    Allow me to introduce myself. Used to have some heavily modded cars and was active on previous forums like VW Vortex, Infiniti and MBWorld.... hello everyone. I’m super pumped out about ordering a 2018 Hellcat Widebody!!! From what I’ve read on here this seems to be a very fun group of car...
  2. Just picked up my Hellcat.... First question already.

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Just picked up my 2016 Hellcat... It is unlike anything I have ever owned, I love it! I have a quick question. My Uconnect App on my iphone shows iHeartRadio and Pandora as "linked", but it does not appear anywhere on the apps screen of my Hellcat. I have tried deleting the Uconnect app...
  3. Newbie from Seattle

    New Member Introduction
    Hello, Picked up my Christmas present early last week.. A 2016 Black on Black fully loaded Hellcat. Please pass on any words of wisdom for previous M3 driver as I break in this bad kitty!
  4. Picking up my new Hellcat today!

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    So today is the day that I pick up my new Hellcat! Ordered it back on 4/9/16, so finally and pretty excited to get it. The dealer tried to sell me on extended warranty, paint sealant, wheel and tire coverage etc.. I said no thanks, I will take it as! In fact, I told them don't even wash it.
  5. 2016 Hellcat Challenger Redline Red - MSRP - Brand New!!!

    SRT Hellcat Purchasing
    My buddy's dealership has a brand new 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat for sale at MSRP. Fully loaded!!! It's just rolled off the truck today and has been PDI'ed. Getting ready for detailing. They will accept trades for this vehicle and can do in-house financing if you need it. Super easy to deal...