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  1. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Hello, On a 2016 Challanger hellcat with 10k miles, is that deeper ticking sound normal? I only really hear it from underneath the car not from the engine bay. It drives fine and doesnt have any codes, is it a knock? Injector tick? Normal? Thanks in advance November 13, 2022
  2. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Hello, back again with another issue :), i have noticed a long time ago that when i am driving i hear squeking noise coming from the front right wheel, i can hear the noise without breaking or anything and when i hit the gas paddle the noise goes fast then disappears, i also hear it while...
  3. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Got a weird noise coming from the supercharger or throttle body idek😂. Gonna take it to the dealer for them to check out but I have 1300 id injectors, 2.85 hellraiser upper pulley and I’m tuned on e85 with PROFLEX kit. Here’s a video if you guys have ever heard this before lmk...
  4. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Hello i have noticed some tiking sound in my engine when opening the hood, some people say it’s normal and some of them say it’s from the lifters, i took my car to the delearship and they said it’s normal. It’s obviously hearable the lifters sound, i ask them to open the engine and check and...
  5. Dodge Durango SRT
    I just got a 2020 durango SRT with 13K miles, and the front left wheel is making this small scratching noise i think it could be the pads that need to be changed. It only makes noise when under 30 miles an hour. Do the z26 and z23 fit, im seeing only up to 2019? If not what pads should i order.
  6. Emerging Hellcat Issues
    Hello everyone! Just joined the community tonight and I look forward to now exploring a little more. I have a 2019 Charger Hellcat with just over 8k miles. I’ve been following the site for awhile but unfortunately I have come across an issue I need some help with. I have done a bunch research...
  7. Supercharger Warranty Claims
    I have a 2015 m6 challenger. It was stock until 9000 miles. I installed a 2.75 pulley, ID 1300 and run E85. I have 15k miles now. Mine used to be very quite. I was doing some hard runs thru 3rd gear on monday. Only like 3 pulls. The bearing starting to make some noise, I wasnt sure what it...
1-7 of 7 Results