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  1. Western States
    I wanted to start a thread for Bay Area Hellcat owners. A place to talk about local shows, events and ect.... I have only seen a few other Hellcats in the area but I know there are more out there.
  2. New Member Introduction
    I just placed a special order for a New Indigo Blue Charger Hellcat! I have wanted one of these cars for a while now sorta been obsessed with them lol. In my current stable a 2011 Corvette Z06, 2014 Ram Limited Dually, Ford Flex Limited, Ecoboost AWD.
  3. New Member Introduction
    Hello all, After a couple of months of checking out the site i finally joined. I finally got a 2016 Plum Crazy Pearl Challenger earlier this year after several near misses last year where a dealer would call me up and by the time I got to them, the car was sold out from under me! Now that I...
1-3 of 3 Results