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oil change
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  1. Dodge Durango SRT
    Doing my first oil change on my DDHC and the oil filter drain plug and filter is WAY easier to access compared to my ‘16 Charger. But does anyone know where the oil cooler drain plug is on these bad boys? Thanks!
  2. SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    First, thank you all! I was way more educated than on any other car thanks to this forum and thus more confident! I got to hang out with the Viper Tech and he gave me the full educational process. He even pointed out how uneducated techs break the oil cooler so I read him excerpts from this...
  3. SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    I just broke the 500 mile mark on my '18 Challenger Hellcat auto. Is there any maintenance I need to take care of now? I've read some people suggest getting an oil change now, then again at 1500, and finally at 3000 before going to the routine. Should I go to the dealership or just get it done...
  4. SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    Just got back from my schedule 2 maintenance which included tire rotation. I asked if the pressure check and rotation was done and reassured that it was. I checked the pressure before I left and it was adjusted but when I got home I checked the rims for rotation (I have a scratch on one)and it...
  5. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    So.... here it goes, my apologies in advance, this post is long lol. I was looking for a 2015 HC for about 6-9 months and back in Nov I finally found one that I really liked and it was priced decent at $53,998 with 8k miles. I took the 40+ mile drive to see the car in person. Everyone at the...
  6. SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    I kinda want to get one of these but I heard you can only torque them 15 ft-lbs and the spec for the oem plug is 22 ft-lbs. I don't do my own service, I take it to the dealer. I guess, I could watch them torque the plug down when the do oil changes. Anyone out there have any advise for me...
  7. SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    I'm curious if any of you know what this is based on. I've read some places that it takes into account how hard the car is being driven whereas others are saying that it's simply based on mileage. How is the oil life percentage calculated?
  8. SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    I have read the threads pertaining to oil changes, the access panels that must be removed and the drain plug on the oil cooler. My question is this, on a Challenger, can you reach (meaning get your hand on) the oil cooler plug without removing the panels? Can you reach in through the front or...
  9. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Got my 3rd oil change done today with my own AMSOIL 0-w40 oil signature series I always use a Mopar genuine oil cap filter that DrBuick recommended in the past at 12,200 miles Also included 5 recalls being done as well.. Got in at 8:30am and was out by Noon. Awesome service as always thanks...
1-9 of 9 Results