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  1. Summer Tires - Aggressive Driving - How Many Miles Do They Last?

    SRT Hellcat Wheels and Tires
    I put a set of Continental ExtremeContact Sports on my '15 SRT 392 about a year ago (stock wheels, 275/40R20). They've been great and are still giving me good off the line traction. I just checked the tread depth and had them rotated for the second time. They are about 6-7/32s (more in front...
  2. Part daily driver part race car

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    hey guys So over the past few months I’ve been making quite a few performance upgrades. For right now, my HC is a daily driver. Naturally, I’m trying to make sure I don’t overdo it and end up making the car unrealistic or unable to be a daily driver secondary to these upgrades. Below I listed...
  3. Performance Spoiler Install video

    SRT Hellcat Appearance
    Install video:
  4. Race oil or zinc additives

    SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    Has anyone with a cat delete put a zinc oil additive in their 'Cats, or used an additive like Rev-X Racing oil? Or is that just overkill, do you think? Summit carries the Rev-X line.
  5. Temperature for optimal performance

    SRT Hellcat Performance
    At what temperature range do hellcats perform the best?
  6. SRT Performance Spoiler

    SRT Hellcat Appearance
    2019 Challenger is offering a new optional SRT performance spoiler, with wider & slightly longer style. I'm curious if anyone has found any additional information or data on the spoiler. While aesthetically speaking it is a different look, I'd hope that it does have some performance & aero...
  7. OST Dyno's "Demon" Camshaft for Your Hellcat!

    OST Dyno
    At OST, we are always trying to squeeze more power out of our engines as cost effective and efficiently as possible. So, after a lot of discussion and development, we are proud to announce our own line of custom-ground Hellcat camshafts; the "Demon" and the "Demon Plus". The "Demon" camshaft...
  8. hp performance page reading lower than 660hp?

    General Automotive Discussion
    I noticed I did many different pulls, yes in track mode and yes with the red key. The performance page for horsepower didn't read over 600 hp??? I work at a dealership yes my car is a m6. I took my buddies hellcat same year same trans. It read 680 first pull. Any questions I am hesitant to let...
  9. Performance upgrades to Hellcat

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Evening guys, I need some help. I just purchased HHP/HEMITUNER 2015-2016 Dodge Hellcat Tuning Package (Includes New PCM) from HHP Performance which I think was highly recommended from this forum. Now that I the unit on order I have some questions. I have attempted to ask these questions from...
  10. OST Dyno Hellcat Build

    OST Dyno
    Some of you may have read about our complete Hellcat packages being "race proven". Well below is a build of one of the cars that has proven these packages and its continued modifications. Mike George brought us his car after seeing the success with our 9.88 Hellcat with full interior, stock...
  11. Proven Hellcat Performance Packages!

    OST Dyno
    Hi all! Just letting you know that we at OST Dyno have put together some of the most lethal Hellcat performance packages out there. Take a look at our most popular packages below. LEVEL 1 PACKAGE - $3,451 Track proven to run 10.2 at 138mph - Full weight - Stock gears - Stock exhaust - Stock...
  12. Mid-muffler delete or solo exhaust

    SRT Hellcat Performance
    I currently have the mid-muffler delete setup on my car, but I don't like how restricted the car still feels on exhaust and i'm guessing that is because of the valves when they're closed. I have a few questions about the solo performance mid and rear muffler delete with j pipes setup. 1. Does...
  13. Cheapest & most reliable power for 700whp

    SRT Hellcat Performance
    I'm looking for a few minor bolt ons with just a 93 octane tune just to get a decent amount of power that is still manageable without drag radials. Obviously not to take it to the drag strip, but just as a street car that will beat another stock hellcat. I've seen Barth tuning does e85 tuning...
  14. For Sale *SOLD* DSS aluminium driveshaft-BNIB-$700 OBO

    For Sale
    I have a brand new in box aluminium DSS driveshaft with the updated end plate, for sale. It is for an 2015+ A8 Challenger Hellcat. This has never been installed or even out of the box. It was only opened to take the picture for this ad. I am selling this because I have a drag car that gets...
  15. Borla atak cat back questions

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    1. Is there any power loss with the valve simulator cat back? 2. Is the valve simulator or actual real valve cat back louder? 3. How is the drone at 75-85mph highway cruising with the A8? 4. When decelerating is there the nice sounding crackle/pop noise like the stock setup and mid muffler...
  16. Sound clips of my Borla Atak and my Bwoody intake

    SRT Hellcat Performance
  17. Bwoody Idler Pulley installed on Big Blue

    BWoody Performance
    Thanks Mike,install was a breeze!!!
  18. Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Swap!

    SRT Hellcat Builds
    heres a pic of my new steering wheel. First one. If any of y'all want one, you can get it with or without the paddle shifters done and the two lower columns (just wheel), or like how I have this one done. I'm gonna try to put together a group purchase order so i can get the pricing down. Please...
  19. Brand new!!! Hellcat Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Swap (Core needed). BADASS!!!!

    SRT Hellcat Appearance
    Heres another first with many more new mods coming soon). This isn't my company or do I have shares in it. They do good work on supercars and they were able to do this: Build time is 4-6 weeks and costs $1600 with paddles. Group buy discount. Let me know if you want a set and whether or not...
  20. Just Got My CAT, A General Question

    SRT Hellcat Performance
    Drove it back 500 Miles + yesterday and boy was it fun. I followed the break in procedure pretty well and tried to change up the drive while on the highway. Towards the end and after 500 Miles It felt like it was still holding back on power even with the Transmission switch to track. I live at...