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  1. For Sale: Wheels and Tires
    I am selling my drag wheel set up off of my Challenger T/A 392 since i wont be racing this season. They are Grey Racestar 18x5 fronts with M&H front runners, and 18x10.5 Bravado Tributes rear with NT05R. They are still basically new only mounted for a few test hits on a road about 2 miles from...
  2. For Sale: Wheels and Tires
    Im selling my racestars that i have sitting in my garage. They are 18x5 fronts and 17x9.5 rears. They are gun metal grey in color and are brand new only opened one rear for a picture. The centercaps havnt even been mounted yet either. I am asking $800 shipped OBO for the entire set. Will not...
  3. SRT Hellcat Wheels and Tires
    Hi, all. I've been bouncing around the forums trying to hit on a nice drag-only swap-out setup for an A8 Hellcat with stock 2.62 gears, running about 900 whp. Problem is, I'm not well-versed on wheels and tires for these cars, so I'm suffering from information overload. Parameters: front and...
  4. PK Auto Design
    Alright Ladies and Elfs, tis the season for giving, and we are in the mood to be placed on Santa's nice list. We are Certain we'll get everything we've asked for, and so will you. We got deals so good you better upgrade those Christmas Stockings to hold more space. With Deals on Wheels, tires...
1-4 of 4 Results