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  1. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Thought I’d share a lap. Had a blast, definitely a fun car to drive and have a lot to improve. The car behind is a Mustang GT Bullit with some suspension/brake mods. Left him in the dust though once I hit the straights.
  2. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I'm not sure if any of you subscribe to Car & Driver (I don't) but I was at the doctors office last week and the October Issue had a article called "LIGHTINGLAP12ELVE". The event is apparently done annually and auto makers send their cars to participate. This is held at Virgina International...
  3. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    After running 4 hard 20-30 minute sessions on a road course, I got the "I/C coolant level low" warning light. I check the hoses and lines for leaks, but couldn't find anything obvious. There is just a small amount of coolant splatter on the passenger side valve cover and on the bottom side of...
  4. Road Racing : AutoX : ORR (Open Road Racing)
    Heres a video of my last session of the day at RMP, it started to rain about a quarter after four or so and didn't stop! Made for a few slow laps but it was good to get the seat time and see where the water collected as well. And I got to feel what aging NT05's feel like in the rain, and...
  5. Road Racing : AutoX : ORR (Open Road Racing)
    Turn2lapping put on a good event this weekend at the Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton Wa, it was two days but I had to work Friday, so I went for Saturday which was fine because there was rain during the day on Friday. Saturday it rained for our last session then poured for the BBQ after the...
  6. Drag Racing
    Heres a video from Portland International Raceway, the event was put on by SCCA called Track Night of America. Friday July 29th 2016
  7. Road Racing : AutoX : ORR (Open Road Racing)
    Heres a video at ORP 7/10/2016 Bananahead and myself drove down and had a fun day at the track, good weather and a track with only a few cars on it.
  8. Road Racing : AutoX : ORR (Open Road Racing)
    ran the road course at the Ridge motorsports park in Shelton Wa today 4/22/2016 Had a great time, Due to it being Friday and raining the track had about 10 cars in the intermediate group I ran in plus some left after noon, so later I was able to get out on the track and have it open in front of...
  9. Road Racing : AutoX : ORR (Open Road Racing)
    Everyone, I want to start this thread because several of us have been seen around other threads about tires and handling and other stuff, but we need a Road Racing Thread. I have requested to the "higher authority" to get the Road Racing split from the Drag Racing, so let's show some interest...
1-9 of 10 Results