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  1. Satin Hood

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    OK, here's the next in my line of questions concerning HC ownership. I've got the satin black hood, which looks awesome, but it's dirty. Do I need to use any different cleaning products on the hood than the rest of the car? Or, can I just use a better quality soap and be fine?
  2. This is why you PPF!

    SRT Hellcat Maintenance
    Rarely do I leave Trigger out in the sun but did so today and look at the present a bird left for me! Disgusting but an easy wipe once I got home! Without the film I would have been worried about shining up the satin finish. Protection is key!
  3. Dodge Demon #75

    Dodge Demon Owners, Pricing and Orders
    Last week I picked up Demon #75 from Courtesy Dodge in San Juan Capistrano. It's Tor-Red with the satin hood/roof/trunk, plus the leather comfort group and Demon Red Interior. I put about 480 miles on it Saturday, with varied rpm and strong (but never more than 1/2 throttle) acceleration pulls...
  4. 3M 1080 Satin Hood Wrap

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Very pleased with the 3M 1080 satin hood wrap from WrapConcept in Rocklin, CA! Concept Wraps and Graphics: Get Noticed! Google Maps