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  1. Dodge Charger SRT 392
    Best mods? Differentials, driveshaft for torque or hp?
  2. SRT Hellcat Wheels and Tires
    🔥🔥FOR SALE !!! 🔥🔥 BRAND NEW OEM FORGED DEVILS 20” $2500 Mounted and Balanced NEW Pirellis on the front NEW Mickey Thompson ETSS on rear Sensors included Msg me for any details Located in Springhill Tn Contact me at 9313326473 for details #hellcat #fast #nitrous #supercharger #turbo...
  3. Dodge Charger SRT 392
    Im not feeling the pirelli on my Widebody i feel like the tires aren't that good. What tires do you guys recommend? Thx!
  4. Dodge Charger SRT 392
    37k miles, Perfect condition, Green go color. Whats a decent asking price? NADA says high $39k
  5. Want to Buy
    As thread states, looking for completely stock (like new or used) take/off from a 2017 or new automatic Scat Pak Challenger. PM me please. Thanks
  6. For Sale: Wheels and Tires
    Im selling my racestars that i have sitting in my garage. They are 18x5 fronts and 17x9.5 rears. They are gun metal grey in color and are brand new only opened one rear for a picture. The centercaps havnt even been mounted yet either. I am asking $800 shipped OBO for the entire set. Will not...
  7. For Sale: Wheels and Tires
    I have up for sale set complete S77 welds FRONT 17x 4.5 & tire 28x6=17 and BACK 17x10.5 & tire 305/45/17 I’ll post more pic tomorrow I’m just posting to get the ball rolling with these wheels to find them a new home THEYHAVE GOOD TIRE ON THEM + TPS SENSOR INSTALLED ALL 4 wheels The...
  8. Dodge Charger SRT 392
    so last week i was doing a preliminary fluid check on my 2017 charger before track night on Friday. I noticed the coolant reservoir level was about a 1/4 inch below the low cold line. so i took it to the dealer and had it topped off. everything seemed fine and car never got any hotter than...
  9. Dodge Challenger SRT 392
    Received this quote for a 2019 WB Challenger F8 Green lease. This is from an initial inquiry and haven't negotiated anything yet. 10k/36 .59% Residual and MF .00148 for area code 89178. I asked them to remove the KARR alarm which should lower the payment by ~$15 or so. They can't remove the...
  10. SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    I think I found the badges for the new 2019 grille for chargers. Hellcat: 2019 Charger Hellcat SRT Emblem (68463715AA) | Steve White Parts Part #68463715AA Scat-Pack: 2019 CHARGER SCAT PACK EMBLEM (68463714AA) | Steve White Parts Part #68463714AA Hope this helps. SG
  11. Triumph Performance Wheels
    For a limited time only we’re offering any of the following in 20” for $3,750.00 the set plus shipping. Wheels are made to order with 100% U.S. made 6061-T6 forged aluminum. Size available: 20x8.5 / 20x9 / 20x10 / 20x10 / 20x10.5 / 20x11 / 20x12 Color options: Black / Gunmetal / Silver /...
  12. Dodge Charger SRT 392
    I apologize in advance if I have this post in the wrong place..I haven't been on this forum long enough to find a market place/for sale thread. Anyway, I'm looking for a corsa sport cat back exhaust for a 2018 392. If you have one and want to sell it, hit me up!:)
  13. SRT Hellcat Purchasing
    Hey everyone, So I am considering getting rid of my 2016 Charger Scatpack (tough decision, large list of mods) for a Hellcat. I am searching for the right deal on a cat. In my search I feel as though I would like to try something new and go with a Challenger. I have owned all three generations...
1-14 of 17 Results