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  1. 2019 Steering Wiring Harness

    SRT Hellcat Electronics
    Hoping somebody who has done this can help. 2019 Hellcat. It looks like my aftermarket wheel has the old (15-16) wiring harness. Stock wiring harness / stock airbag: Aftermarket wheel wiring harness / stock airbag: Does anyone have the correct part number to either of the following? 1) New...
  2. Steering Wheel Lighting

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Right side of steering wheel doesn’t light up, nor does the logo. Didn’t know it was defect until I saw pictures of other people’s car. How do you remove the air bag cover properly? Any quick fixes? Really don’t want the dealership to touch it at all. Thanks!
  3. SRT Illuminated Steering Wheel LOGO Swap From 17' to 16'

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Has anyone swapped out their Driver Side airbag for the new 2017 airbag with the SRT Logo that LIGHTS UP?!?! I have a 2016 and I'm wondering if I do it will it light up? Idk if theres a connection in my 2016 to light it up. Side Note: for those of you who don't know the SRT Logo in the 2017...
  4. Brand new!!! Hellcat Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Swap (Core needed). BADASS!!!!

    SRT Hellcat Appearance
    Heres another first with many more new mods coming soon). This isn't my company or do I have shares in it. They do good work on supercars and they were able to do this: Build time is 4-6 weeks and costs $1600 with paddles. Group buy discount. Let me know if you want a set and whether or not...
  5. How to color the stitching on the interior upholstery

    SRT Hellcat Appearance
    I can't seem to find a specific thread about this anywhere, but I noticed this in another thread and was wondering if anyone has colored the stitching on the interior upholstery. I wanted to color mine red to match the interior. The white just stands out a little too much for my liking...